licensing laws

licensing laws
   British licensing laws cover areas as diverse as gaming, hygiene and landlord responsibility for behaviour on his/her premises. However there are essentially two central themes: the minimum age at which a person may buy alcohol, and hours during which they may do so on licensed premises. Alcohol may not be purchased by anyone under the age of eighteen, nor may persons under eighteen consume alcohol on licensed premises. There is one exception; beer, porter, cider or perry can be served to someone between the ages of 16– 18 if it is with a meal and if they are in a part of the building reserved for the service of meals, not a bar. Persons under fourteen must be accompanied on licensed premises, and are not allowed in any part of the establishment exclusively or mainly used for the sale of alcohol. Basic British opening hours for the sale of alcohol on licensed premises are 11am to 11pm weekdays and 12 noon to 10.30pm on Sundays and bank holidays. In Scotland these times are extended to 12 midnight on weekdays and Sundays, and to 1 am on Saturdays. There is a drinking-up period of twenty minutes allowed at closing time, or thirty minutes if the alcohol is being consumed with a meal.
   Off licenses may sell alcohol from Sam up until the terminal hour. There are a variety of circumstances under which extensions to these hours may be granted. One-off extensions can be obtained from the local licensing justices, provided the police are given fourteen days notice of the event. Special Hours Certificates may be granted to an establishment as long as licensing justices are satisfied that an entertainment’s licence is in force, and that the relevant section of the premises is adapted adequately for the purpose of music, dancing and the sale of refreshments to which alcohol is ancillary. Licensees may apply for permission to open earlier (generally this would mean 10am). However, special dispensation can be made under certain conditions. The establishment might be close to a market, for example, or it might serve a fishing fleet. A licensee may also apply for an occasional license: this permits him or her to serve alcohol at a different venue, such as a cricket ground or a public hall. Finally, seasonal licenses can be granted to certain premises which only desire to sell alcohol at specific times of years, such as establishments connected with the tourist trade.
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